To Whom this may concern, As a recent graduate from Glion Institute of Higher Education with a BBA in Hotel Management with a specialisation in Luxury Brand Management. Since graduating, I have been working as an E-Commerce Project Manager in a family wine and real estate company which has taught me invaluable skills such as web design and I now have a lot of confidence in this activity, which gave me more creative freedom for my freelance project and explored further skills to undertake. These skills were mainly on the marketing and the creativity side of my freelance firm in order to land new clients in real life and through social media using SEO’s and Facebook advertising. On top of that, I have opened my freelance photography / videography firm working closely with influencers and brands from Belgium. By opening my own firm, I have learnt an immense of lessons regarding people’s business ethics regarding clients and providers. During my time at university, I had the opportunity to undertake two internships working in hotel management which enabled me to develop my professional skills such as organisation and time management in high stress situations. We, young graduates, are called to start our professional career in a challenging environment of great uncertainty, especially due to the serious global health crisis. In this context, finding a job is a real opportunity, the scope of which I appreciate and creates a great deal of motivation in me. Consequently, if you place your trust in me, I will do my utmost to honour it and to fulfil the tasks entrusted to me to the best of my ability, with an eye for detail and completeness. Thank you in advance for your attention to this letter. I would be very grateful if you would consider my application. Please find attached a copy of my CV, two references and the link to my website (   In addition, I have added two links below of the two main social media accounts which I am taking care of for my clients.  Please note that all recent pictures and vidéos of those instagram pages were created by me.   John Braye                  - Brand                                                  Olivia Thonart            - Singer    Yours faithfully, Thomas Demortier    
Kontakta Talang