I have been a student at Jönköping University doing my bachelor's program in Sustainable Enterprise Development. I have been thrilled by how the company emphasizes a great deal of togetherness among team members, and this is unique. My Bachelor's program emphasizes sustainability, marketing, innovation and other business core related courses and therefore I am willing to apply for this position at your company. Through this program I have managed to do projects and make reports for companies on how to become sustainable in their firms.  I have learned the sustainable development goals and created awareness in my projects to companies to initiate them so as to make a change in the environment.  I have learned and put to use different sustainable business models like the natural step, The ABCD paradigm, etc. With my actions in these projects, I have learned how to be patient, flexible and more innovative.  I have also acquired marketing knowledge skills from B2C and B2B marketing. They have also helped me understand that to be successful it has to come from the heart so that you can easily attract customers and make their stay a comfortable one. As a curious person, in my spare time I like to travel, mostly in Sweden’s cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrkoping since I have family members there. Also, I am currently studying and learning the Swedish language. Hoping to hear from you soon and I have attached my CV for any further information.

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I would like to better my skills as a marketer with hope of being a successful marketer in future.
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