I am currently a student at Futuregames Skellefteå in the mobile platforms course where we are focusing on Unity and C# game development for both PC and mobile. In high school  I thought I wanted to work in a more mechanical workplace and decided to take the industrial programme with welding as my focus point. Getting out on the different workplaces showed me that this industry is not well suited for me, I started looking around for options and game development has always interested me, I was just too scared to take the leap but eventually I took the leap of faith and got accepted into Futuregames. Having the background as a welder and mechanic has helped me substantially in problem solving with game development and I absolutely think while it is not directly linked to programming it has definitely helped me get into the coding world faster. In Futuregames I have mainly been focusing on C# programming inside Unity but I have also had an excellent opportunity to learn a bit of everything in game development and I am excited to learn more. Currently I have taken up 3D modelling in Blender outside of school as I want to have more knowledge of the game development than just writing code. I am also playing around with some shaders in Unity and want to learn their particle system. I am looking forward to enter this industry and would love to hear from you!   Best, Nicklas Andersen
Kontakta Talang