Hi, Wanted: Internship between January - September 2022, pay not needed. Available: Curious environment artist with several years of game art experience. I am a future environment artist who has studied game graphics for six years; first via evening courses, then at the Ljud- och Bildskolan high school in Lund (diploma 2019), at Howest DAE in Belgium (2019-20) and then September 2020-Currently at Forsbergs school (Vocational) in Stockholm, with a focus on Game Art. Art - everything from drawing and painting to 3D - has always been relevant to me, and educating myself to become a game artist has for a long time felt like a natural choice. Our internship period is during our 4th term, during week 1 to 40, 2022. I am comfortable with industry standard programs like Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Zbrush, Photoshop etc; as well as integrating art I create into engines and pushing / pulling safely through GitHub as I have been part of many student projects and game jams. I am also fully comfortable with Unity and Unreal. I love the theory behind what shows up on a screen and like to push my limits and always learn more, which is why more than just graphics is important to me. I attach great importance to optimization and modularity when I create game assets and I teach myself tech art in my spare time to strengthen these skills. Also, I am half French and speak fluent French and English, which I can imagine would come in handy in an international studio. My other half is Swedish and I speak it fluently as well. I hope to get in contact with any recruiters out there who might be interested in an environment art intern. Sincerely, Mathieu Grilly
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