I started my data analyst studies at Medieinstitutet this year. I am at the beginning of my adventure in this industry and I try to absorb as much knowledge as possible. I am also studying at university with doing online courses, for example at Codecademy. By the time I start my apprenticeship, I look forward to significantly broadening my knowledge of the industry. I come from Poland but currently live in Sweden. Thanks to this, I can efficiently use up to three languages. Learning programming reminds me of learning foreign languages which makes it quite exciting but familiar too. Programming has always interested me but I thought it was too difficult to start from scratch. finally, I dared to try and it was a fantastic decision that changed my life a lot.

Vad jag önskar av min praktik

What I expect from internships is to broaden the knowledge I have but also to get to know the industry from the inside. I would like to prepare myself to work as a date analyst in measurement, analysis and reporting of data and testing and optimization of digital behaviour.
Kontakta Talang