my name is Bilal and I am a software developer by profession. I received my Bachelor degree in Computer Science and currently doing a Master's in Computer Science from BTH University Sweden. I have worked for seven months as a web developer at Saeed Brothers Electronics at there I was responsible for the E-commerce website development “”. I am doing freelancing since 2016 and created multiple software applications for different clients. I worked on multiple technologies following are   Web Development Desktop Application Development Android Application Development The programming Languages ​​I have worked on are C ++, C #, Python, PHP, JavaScript, React, typescript, Redux and java. List of the projects I have developed as a freelancer few of them are.  Web-based CMS(Content Management System) and API Using PHP. World Countries App using countries rest API (React, Redux, Typescript) Autoposting on WordPress using PHP (Web scrapping) Multiuser chatting application using .NET C# Multiuser TicTacToe Game using .NET C# Dynamic Ads creation for AdMob using Android Studio (Java) Hybrid App Development Using Xamarin (C# .NET Core) Criminal Dataset Creation and Recognition (Matlab) Malaria Detection API using Flask (Machine Learning, Python) Crypto trading bot using pythomThe project I am currently working on as a Full Stack Developer Trainee at integrity. Front End Development Project Description: Making use of Material UI to create table components Fetch Data from countries API load it in the table by programming custom hooks Make a Redux ready infrastructure to make this data available for all states Later we have to convert this project by using typescript.   Back End Development (Upcoming): Description:Mostly working with APIs, typescript and PostgreSQL as database

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I want to get a professional work expierience that adds add value to my carrier path.
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