My name is Ardian, I am a creative and driven person who likes to learn new things and take responsibility in various tasks. Working under pressure and in stressful situations is something that I strategically handle and think of as something positive and fun to work with, which makes me even more efficient. Right now, I am studying software testing. I have a great interest in IT and different systems. Currently in my studies I am doing a lot of Java programming. Something that I always have enjoyed with programming is that you are constantly being challenged, and able to work with problem solving in all its forms. Since I enjoy software testing, I like to work with improvements in general, finding improvement opportunities and analyze what solutions that are most suitable, and lastly implement the changes. I always have a strong will for learning new technologies. The technical knowledge that I already have are, programming languages such as Java and C#, development environments Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and knowledge about a lot of different test strategies and tools for example Gherkin testing. I am also used to GitHub and creating Bug-reports.

Vad jag önskar av min praktik

During my internship I want to be given the opportunity to take place in different tasks within software testing processes that are ongoing at the time. In other words I want to put my practical and theoretical skills into action! Tasks that I want to be a part of is all kind of tasks within software testing, such as testing different systems, test codes, find bugs, write bug reports etc. During my work with different tasks, I would appreciate if there is a mentor available, who enables me to ask questions. This, so that I can reach a deeper understanding of "what" and "why".
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