Hi there My name is Carolina (Portuguese, 29), I live in Stockholm and I'm currently studying Motion Design at Hyper Island. I am looking for an Internship somewhere between March until December. Regarding my background, I am a Classical Violinist, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance with Specialisation in Violin and a Master's Degree in Education (Violin). Since August 2021 I have started studying Motion Design at Hyper Island, which has allowed me to discover how interested I am in Illustrating, Storyboarding and Traditional Animation (frame-by-frame). Therefore, I am applying mainly as an Illustrator, although I have skills as a Motion Designer as well. I consider myself a creative person with a good sense of humour, and very easy to work with. Furthermore, I believe that my skills and knowledge as a musician would be an additional and different perspective that would benefit any studio, for example in Sound Design and similar aspects.

Vad jag önskar av min praktik

Something that allows me to express creatively and helps me to level up my skills. At the same time, I want to help the studio bringing their creative game up and finding their uniqueness and creative voice.
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