Det är gratis att skapa ett företagskonto och ni kan då söka efter relevanta kandidater. De studerande kan kontakta er men vill ni kunna direkt kontakta de studerande behöver ni ett premium konto. Det kostar 500kr/månad eller 5,000kr/år utan bindningstid eller uppsägningstid. Läs mer på Businesses and general contions for company.

Det är gratis för alla skolor. Det är även gratis för elever och företag att erbjuda praktik.

LIA stands for Learning in Work and is the type of practice that students at Vocational College carry out in a workplace. Within the university of applied sciences, theory is interspersed with practice on most courses.

During the LIA periods, the student is trained at a workplace under the supervision of the employer. This is to further develop knowledge from school in a real environment.

Already during the education, the student gets work experience and training in the professional role. In addition, the student gets contacts in working life that may very well lead to a job immediately after graduation.

The LIA is part of the education curriculum and has set course goals that the student must achieve.

All education leading to a qualified university of applied sciences degree and comprising 400 YH points (equivalent to two years of full-time study) or more contain at least 25 percent LIA.

Vi har valt att göra det gratis för praktiksökande och företagen för att kunna hjälpa så många som möjligt.

Your internship is the first thing employers see, so it's good that you can get an overview of who you are right away. Here are some tips to become searchable and visible with us:
  • En rubrik på din profil beskriver kort vem du är och vad du söker.
  • Lägg till en profilbild (se tips nedan hur du tar en sådan bild).
  • Under the title "skills" you add what knowledge you have, both from the past and from the education. For example: course, certificate, name of e.g. crm system or methods. You can add as many of these as you like. IN sökfunktionen så kan företag filtrera efter dessa.
  • Add the text from your personal letter directly to the ad under "personal letter", this gives a quick overview of who you are. Vår blogg har tips hur man kan förbättra det.
  • A clear CV is important for employers to get an overview of what you have done before. There are lots of good free templates online. Examples of stylish, simple and easy-to-use templates can be found at Canva. 

Some tips for a good profile picture

  • Set the camera to 'portrait', if you have that setting. Then you get a soft and blurred background, which is preferable when you are taking portraits. You can also take the picture against an anonymous and calm background, for example outdoors with greenery or a house facade in the background, or indoors with a curtain, fabric or wall.
  • Make sure to have the light/sun in your face. If you're shooting indoors, feel free to stand by a window - that's where you often have the best and most natural light.
  • Make sure your entire face is visible in the photo and not cropped.
  • Look into the camera. You don't necessarily need to take the photo straight on - angling the body and face slightly can make the photo feel more natural and relaxed.
  • Check that the image is sharp and has good resolution.
  • Think about what mood you want to convey and that your expression feels natural to you.

Internship, LIA and degree project are an effective way to companies. Internships are also an excellent recruitment route where both students and companies have the opportunity to try out a collaboration without committing to a job. 

Our blog has tips on how to improve it test talents before they enter the labor market. The goal for the student is to gather practical skills and gain experience in their future professional roles and industries. Get started and apply for interns!


No! Internship is an important part of post-secondary education and gives the student practical knowledge in the professional role. That is the important thing. The authority for the University of Applied Sciences is clear that there are no requirements for hiring after an internship. 44% of companies do not hire after the end of the internship. However, 93% of the students get a job at another workplace within 6 months.

We have regular contact with several Polytecnic universities and trade schools to promote students' and the schools' interests.

Vocational schools is a relatively new educational arena that provides the labor market with specialist skills in various professional fields. As the needs of the labor market change over time, the content and focus of the courses are also updated. New vocational courses start and others disappear as the need for skills changes. Most of the courses are free of charge and all entitles to study funds. Today there are 16 different fields of study and hundreds of different careers. The educations are conducted by municipalities, county councils, private education companies and universities/colleges, and the educations are subject to state supervision and quality review by The authority for the university of applied sciences.

As an entrepreneur, you can accept interns during the practical part of the training, Learning in Practice (LIA). LIA means that the students are trained in a sharp situation out at a workplace. For the students, this means that their professional knowledge is up-to-date and in demand in working life upon graduation, and 96% of YH students get a job immediately after graduation. Hope helps companies to find talent which exactly matches their needs.

We are a member of The Association of Vocational Schools which is a non-profit organization that works for training courses and training providers within Qualified Vocational Training and Vocational College.

We are independent of the vocational schools and they are not behind this service. Hopen is in contact with the Authority for Vocational Education and Training in order to be able to offer students, schools, and companies the best service. Authorities are independent and work to promote their area of ​​authority.

You can whenever you want to delete your account. Email us at and we will confirm that all your data has been deleted.

We cooperate with all schools and do not favor anyone. We do not have any exclusive collaboration agreements with individual schools, but we want all students from all schools to have the same opportunities to find a worthwhile internship.

Everyone can apply for an internship through, even if you are not studying. We have provided internships to several people who are not studying but have a specific skill or have just finished an education. Even people who are unemployed can apply for an internship and continue to receive compensation from, for example, Social Security.

At the moment, only the companies can contact students, but we are working on a feature that will allow students to contact the companies.

It is totally free for interns to use the service

Det flesta praktikperioder är ca 3-5 månader. Men om de endast är 3 månader har de ofta en till period till som börjar nästan direkt efter. Den perioden kan då vara 3-5 månader. Dvs om studenten gör båda perioderna hos er så blir det 6-8 mån som in princip är sammanhängande.

Praktik görs över hela året. Höst- och vårtermin samt även under sommaren. Det finns en viss övervikt i antalet som gör under vårterminen men många av dem gör då också en första period under höstterminen och fortsätter sedan på samma arbetsplats under våren. Dvs att utbudet av tillgängliga praktikanter som ska ut på praktik blir ända relativt jämt under året. Det finns också ibland viss flexibilitet vilket gör att du som arbetsgivare kan alltid fråga en studerande om de kan börja tidigare eller senare.

Om du inte hittar svaret, kontakta oss direkt på tel. 08-446 853 44 eller mail på