Business areas looking for interns

Hopen provides internships in most subject areas or occupations in which you can apply for an internship.
At Hopen, students and companies can meet to create a rewarding internship period. The company gets relevant skills that contribute to their business while the student gets important work experience.

What job are you looking for as a student and what skills are you looking for as a company?

There is the opportunity to do an internship and try working in most professional fields. A few examples are; finance, accounting, marketing, sales, design, communication, programming, construction, technology, health, healthcare, law. The list can be made long and below you can read more about various subjects and the internships that are provided via

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Front-end developer

Marketing Automation

Civil engineer

.Net developer

Accounting economist

Salesperson and Key Account Manager B2Bc

Digital Marketing

Buyer/Purchasing manager

Logistics/Supply Chain Mananger

Event/Kultur Planerare

Natur/Skogvård & Djurvårdare

Medical Secretary/Care Administrator

Hotell/Turism, Restaurang


Kommunikation, Media, Journalistik