Take your business to the next level and be one of the hundreds of companies who already joined hopen and find a student to do an internship

Therefore, companies take in students for internships

The benefits of taking an intern is that you will get resources and skills within your business area

Many companies (56%) choose to hire directly when the internship is over after the students graduate. You easily create an account and can search among thousands of students from vocational college, higher education and university.

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How much does it cost for businesses?

The time and money you save from our service could be used to invest and bring in more value to your company

The most important thing for us is to provide an environment where companies can thrive and students succeed. If you have any questions or concerns or suggestions, please contact us at

Do you work for schools?

Hopen gives all post-secondary students the opportunity to reach out to companies.

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We offer everyone who is looking for an internship a chance to get in touch with companies.