Your internship is the first thing employers see, so it's good that you can get an overview of who you are right away. Here are some tips to become searchable and visible with us:
  • En rubrik på din profil beskriver kort vem du är och vad du söker.
  • Lägg till en profilbild (se tips nedan hur du tar en sådan bild).
  • Under the title "skills" you add what knowledge you have, both from the past and from the education. For example: course, certificate, name of e.g. crm system or methods. You can add as many of these as you like. IN sökfunktionen så kan företag filtrera efter dessa.
  • Add the text from your personal letter directly to the ad under "personal letter", this gives a quick overview of who you are. Vår blogg har tips hur man kan förbättra det.
  • A clear CV is important for employers to get an overview of what you have done before. There are lots of good free templates online. Examples of stylish, simple and easy-to-use templates can be found at Canva. 

Some tips for a good profile picture

  • Set the camera to 'portrait', if you have that setting. Then you get a soft and blurred background, which is preferable when you are taking portraits. You can also take the picture against an anonymous and calm background, for example outdoors with greenery or a house facade in the background, or indoors with a curtain, fabric or wall.
  • Make sure to have the light/sun in your face. If you're shooting indoors, feel free to stand by a window - that's where you often have the best and most natural light.
  • Make sure your entire face is visible in the photo and not cropped.
  • Look into the camera. You don't necessarily need to take the photo straight on - angling the body and face slightly can make the photo feel more natural and relaxed.
  • Check that the image is sharp and has good resolution.
  • Think about what mood you want to convey and that your expression feels natural to you.