Advantages of internships in higher education

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Many employers and organisations point to a lack of qualifications in their recruitment. Especially among academic occupations. At the same time many KTH students experience that there are not enough opportunities for internships within their studies. The students that have interned repport that it has been advantageous to their carreer opportunities. Alumni in political science from Stockholm UNiversity, 60% of the master students, said that their experience from the internship was the most important factor to their first employment. The same pattern is found in other subjects and institutions where the opportunity to connect studies to reality and the workplace is viewed as the most important.

Studies done in Spain, among the countries in Europe with lowest numbers in youth employment, showed that completion of an internship in higher education eased the transition from studies to work. but also the relevance of the work to the studies done.

Create good opportunities for companies to get involved and secure access to internships in education.

Even the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise advocates for increased possibilities to instruct interns. A successful intern provides lower risk for the company in the recruitment process than a formal employment after an interview. At the same rate the student lears the employer can judge how well they function ar work and with colleges. Internships in higher education is often unpaid as part of the education, in other words the employer gets staff without increased labour costs.

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