We gather students from post-secondary education, vocational education and universities to provide opportunities from companies who are looking for interns.

Internships period from 3 to 8 months

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Är ert företag i behov av nya medarbetare?

Ta emot en studerande utan kostnad som direkt kan leverera inom kvalificerade affärsområden.

What talent do you need to recruit?

This is how it works for companies to find and hire an intern

Insurance and compensation are handled by the education. Read more about the price here.


Benefits for companies to take on interns

There are many reasons for companies to accept students from higher education and universities looking for internship.

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Are you looking for an internship?

Who can apply for an internship?

Everyone is welcome to apply for an internship at hopen. This applies, for example, to people who are unemployed or have already completed their studies and looking for an internship.

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Vi vet att praktik funkar ​

We have been recruiting students from polytechnics and universities for over 10 years. Having the students do an internship is an effective way for us to recruit and for them to get started on their careers. Some of the companies that we have helped build and recruited directly from polytechnics and universities are: Mindler, Bokadirekt, Sweetspot, Tangar, Prion, Colivia, Convini, Beta Family.

We are passionate about developing the collaboration between education and business because we have seen how it can change people's working lives and companies' potential.

Personer och företag som båda är ”nya i karriären” har en fantastisk möjlighet att hjälpa varandra. Nystartade företag utan starka ekonomiska resurser behöver kompetens till låg kostnad och personer direkt från en utbildning behöver arbetslivserfarenhet för att kunna komma igång i karriären. Read more about us at

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